​27th June2016

Sempai John Pyne successfullyl completed a Sandan grading attempt yesterday in a senior grading held at Caringbah Dojo and now becomes the first student at Gymea Dojo to achieve the rank of Sensei. Well done!

1st September 2016

​Congratulations to the Gymea competitors who competed in the 2016 Australian Titles.Emily came 1st with Blake a close 2nd. Jaidee came 2nd, Christian 2nd and Cooper 2nd. Unfortunately Emmanuel had to withdraw.

6th May 2016

Revised Kumite Rules - I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan has released a video explaining in English the revised rules for International Kumite.  The changes are designed to make competition kumite more in line with realistic fighting situations, to develop a higher standard of technique and to make matches more exciting.

The rule changes will take effect from June 2016.If you are planning to compete in IKO tournaments familiarise yourself with the revised rules by watching the video.

Click here to see the video.

6th October 2016

The Wollongong Challenge tournament will be held at the Fraternity Club Fairy Meadow on Sunday the 13the November 2016. Please hand in your completed forms to Sensei Keith and make sure all the information is correct.

Kyokushinkai Karate Kumite junior photo


​Kyokushin Karate Gymea is holding a one day karate activity workshop in the school holidays on Wednesday the 5th of October 2016.This is open to all members and their friends. You don't have to know karate! Learn how to break a board, simply self-defence techniques, sparring, rolls and falls and have lots of fun. Click on the button to access necessary documents for the School Holiday Karate Workshop.

Kyokushinkai karate national titles Australia Medals and Trophies photo
Kyokushinkai Karate Kumite senior photo

​11th May 2016

The Australian National Titles 2016 is to be held in Brisbane on 28th August 2016.The venue is St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill. Please contact Sensei Keith for details and registration information.  If you are competing in this years Nationals, start your extended training now. 

News & Events

​3rd June 2016

The Cujic Branch is holding a local kid's tournament at Janalli Community Centre on Sunday the 31st July. The tournament is to give students some tournament experience and training in the lead up to the  Nationals in Brisbane in August. 

2016 Kyokushinkai karate National Titles Photo
Kyokushinkai Karate Sensei Dr John Pyne graduating to 3rd Dan photo