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About Urban Self Defence Workshops)

Urban Self Defence Workshops conducts workshops for people who wish to learn learn self- defence and do not train in a martial art.Courses are designed to equip you with effective skills and confidence when faced with confrontation or physical assault. We offer private lessons and workshops to individuals ( both adult and children), small groups, clubs and corporations and will customise our self-defence workshops to deal with any specific requirements, concerns or situations.

You have the choice of booking a few lessons or a comprehensive workshop.

 Our workshops are conducted by Sensei Keith Young (4th Dan). Topics covered will include the following:


  • Self defence strategies , both mental and physical 
  • Dealing with confrontation
  • Physically protecting yourself
  • ​Utilising everyday items in self-defence
  • Kicking, punching and deflecting attacks
  • Counter-acting common locks,chokes,holds and grabs
  • Ground defence
  • And much more! 

Confrontation and physical assault can happen when you least expect it. Being prepared is vital! In this day and age ,with crime and drug use on the increase, it is is essential that you know what to do when you or your loved ones are threatened with danger.

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